The Alias used by Vitrana Cupsingh to gull a band of sellswords into helping her rescue her then boyfriend. It is unclear if this alias is made up; or is the actual name of her boyfriend.

Mistreatment under Dan the ChildslayerEdit

Vitrana under the guise of Artie was hit, stabbed, bound, and verbally harrased all in the scope of one night by the band of sellswords. The most of the band was responisble for he absue the greatest offerender in the eyes of Artie was Daniel Byron.

After the battle of the vault, once Arties true identiy was relvealed, the band let Vitrana return to the Mercers guild without claiming the reward from her father Fabius Cupsingh.

Ruse RevealedEdit

Vitrana's true identity and gender was discovered by the barbarian Gate Business. The discovery came as Gate burst upon the battle scene with Artie under his arm and the contrust bound to her following. Gate was not 20 paces through the door before he knew what was under his harm was not what it claimed to be.