Bellodinn the beardless is the first of his name and ruler over the salt city of Ionia. He has a nervous habit of pulling at his beard, a habit that has rendered his face free of facial hair.

Recently he broke Ionia's oath of fealty to the imperium, the location of every known dwarven city, and swore a new one to the Elvish Alliance. In the hopes of better trade tariffs and more aggressive protection of his merchant lines. 

Relationship to the Adventurers Edit

The adventurers arrived in Ionia to procure a Dwarven ship to sail to ever storm isle. 

Upon reaching the city they found it under an Imperial Blocade. 

With the help of Mr. Arrow the Adventurers where able to run the blocade and enter the city with much needed supplies. Daniel Byron negoitated a smuggling deal with bellodin in exchange for a Ship known as The Sea-Drill. 

Before perfect terms could b rearched the Imperial troop decided to break the siege and assult the city. Orfleck the coward aided in the battle plans and the adventures took up defense positions around one of the western battlements.