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Ellove Forgedawn is the half-elven Grand Master of the High Academy of Arcane Arts and Boxing League. He was thick in the frey on the Day of Unboxing at the Battle of the Vault. Despite leading a company of the Academy's most loyal combat warlocks he was unable to secure the Box Chamber leading to the release of the Dullahan.

Day of UnboxingEdit

Since the creation of the Boxing Leauge no creature once boxed has ever escaped its prision. This change on the day of the Unboxing. The Dullahan the last and greatest of the chaotic primodials to be boxed was freed durring the Battle of the Vault presuamble by the Heretical forces within the Academy.

These Heretical Forces are bastions and stalwards of the old Boxing Days that wish to see the Academy rise up from behind the walls of Academy and once more take the to the field of battle.

Ellove was very much aware of these heretical forces under his own roof but lacked the suffient politcal power to flush them out and try them in open tribunal. This may be due to the fact that many outside of the Academy consider the Boxing Days more apocaphal that historical fact.

The Imperial SummonsEdit

In the days follow the unboxing dark tremors could be felt throughout the Imperium. These magical ocurances coupled with near riots within the streets of Mino-Vera caused Imperial Troops to enter the City for the first time since the Day of Unification. These troops came with the charge of arrest Ellove Forgedawn and other Academy Leadership to be brought before the Minoan Emperor in the Capital. Before being brought into custody Foredawn was able to set up serveral expeditions and allainces to help stem the flow of primodial and chaotic magic into the world.