Barbarian by bloodybarbarian-d51pinc
A daring and brash barbarian who loves to fight for those he loves. 

Gate's Story...Edit

Gate first arrived in Mino-Vera from the tropical Northern jungles, a lone, lumbering oak of a human who had but once heard common, and never seen true civilization. He brought with him a club of unknown origin that Gate refers to as Business. Though used less and less as a weapon, Business has enormous sentimental value for Gate and would happily bash someone's brains in to protect it... most likely with Business.

After ransacking Dan Byron’s cart, Gate was mistakenly identified as a member of a traveling party of mercenaries, for lack of a better term.  Together with his five companions, Gate now travels the known and unknown parts of the world, and for the most part, working to fix things that he and his group mess up along the way.

I’m just being honest here…

Gate Trivia...Edit

Gate destroyed one pirate ship and two days later became captain of another. He's currently the acting captain of the Sable Drake

Gate's father's name is Gortain.

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